About McTimoney Chiropractic

About McTimoney Chiropractic

What To Expect

The first treatment takes an hour during which time a full medical history is taken, as well as information relating to the problem you are seeking treatment for. It is important that I have background information about lifestyle and health to inform decisions regarding treatment and rehabilitation in the future. Some orthopaedic testing will usually take place to determine a diagnosis. On rare occasions, treatment is not appropriate which will be discussed with the patient.

Once we are happy that all relevant information has been shared the patient will usually undress to underwear or similar lightweight clothing (a gown is always available). Then the treatment can be given.

After the first treatment it is common for the patient to experience some reaction to the treatment itself. Often they may feel more tired than usual, sometimes stiffness or aching can be experienced too. It is important as far as possible to have a quiet day after treatment – no sport or physical activity, and no hot baths (this relaxes the muscles and can undo the effects of treatment). These reactions usually occur over the first 24 – 48 hours and are a part of the process of adjustment that the body undergoes with treatment. Sometimes patients feel full of energy but care must still be taken to respect the changes going on in the body and to take things gently. We generally advise patients to drink frequent small drinks of water, too, to keep the body hydrated while it is working hard to adapt to the changes introduced by treatment.

Most people get a lot of benefit from their first treatment; often the first day or so about the same or a little better, then a lot better. Some people find that the symptoms recur towards the end of the week, and this is why people usually have a follow up treatment around 1 week after the first. Then, depending on progress, another after 2 weeks, 1 month and so on, until an optimal interval is reached where symptoms are stable. For most people this is around 3-4 months, but some people go 6 or even 12 months with good effect.

The treatment is light and relaxing in most cases and a highly effective way of treating back, neck and joint pains.

Any personal information will not be shared in any way without express permission.  

Personal records will be preserved for a minimum period of 7 years.

For more information about McTimoney Chiropractic treatments and their benefits, you can access the McTimoney Chiropractic Association website, please click here.


What Clients Say

I work as a builder and can’t afford to be having time off so chiropractic treatments save me time, money and pain! I admit I usually wait until the pain is quite bad, but then a treatment keeps me going for a few months again. I know I should go regularly, but some how dont get round to booking. I’m a real fan of McTimoney Chiropractic and can highly recommend Nicola.
Morris, age 63yrs
As a keen golfer and hardworking businessman I suffer from back pain as well as tension. Regular chiropractic visits over many years means that I rarely have any problems now. I have known Nicola for over ten years now and I know I can trust her advice and I enjoy the treatments
David, age 70yrs
Over the last five years I have had treatment from Nicola on occasion and it has kept me fit enough to keep up yoga and keep fit. My aches and pains stem from arthritis and can sap my energy and a trip to Nicola alleviates pain and restores my energy levels. She is patient and makes lots of suggestions to help me in everyday life too.
Ann, age 78yrs
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